Die CCD-Kamera, SBIG ST-8XME with KAF-1603ME Class 2 CCD

The Dual CCD ST-8XME
The new ST-8XME is based upon Kodak's latest microlens technology that increases the effective QE of the CCD.  The KAF-1603ME is now available for the model ST-8 cameras.  This CCD features a peak QE of nearly 85%, 1530 x 1020 pixels at 9 microns square, and multiple AR coatings on the CCD window for increased light transmission and significantly reduced reflections.  The ST-8XME camera also includes a TC-237H CCD with 657 x 495 pixels at 7.4 microns for self-guiding.  The ST-8XMEI is intended for industrial use.  It is a single sensor camera with no guiding CCD.  Although it is intended for industrial applications, it is also an excellent lower price alternative for astronomy where an external guider is used.  Both models are available with  a Class 1, 2, or 3 CCD.  Other than the cosmetic specifications, the Class 3 ME CCD has the same low noise and high QE as the Class 2 and Class 1 versions.  All ST-8 camera models use the same electronics and fast USB 1.1 interface.
mit Filterrad

Integrated CFW8A design mates
to camera housing to form single unit